Stocks Manager Addon.

Stocks Manager Addon for HYIP Manager Pro

Stock Manager is a package for people who are going to create business based on shared funds. This script helps you to manage your investors, change share prices, pay dividends according to your needs. The addon helps your visitors to buy and sell your shares and play on your market. Have a limited quantity of shares? no problem! You can specify your shares quantity and visitors will not be able to buy more than you have. No time to change prices every day? no problem again! Script can change prices by schedule.

Stock Manager is Add-on for HYIP Manager Pro script. To use it you should have HYIP Manager Pro license already.

  • Stocks Manager Features:

  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited shares types.
  • Share price change graphs.
  • Define fees for buy and sell transactions.
  • Easily customizable layout.
  • Send customizable newsletters to your members.
  • And more...
  • Global:

  • Supports all payment systems of HYIP Manager Pro as it is addon.
  • Easy installation script. No PHP files editing any more! Upload and install with ease.
  • Flexible template system allows you to easily change the design.
  • Unlimited shares types.
  • Automatic withdrawal.
  • Mass payment.
  • Multilevel referral program.
  • Users can transfer funds to other users' accounts inside the system.
  • Admin area features:

  • Define unlimited shares types with different prices, fees and other options.
  • Administrator can change share price and log this prices.
  • Administrator can setup share's price change schedule.
  • Administrator can send dividends for users. Enter a total dividend and system will split it proportionally to the users deposits.
  • Administrator can forbid shares sale.
  • Suspend payments to user accounts.
  • Send penalties and bonuses to one user or to a user group.
  • Send a newsletter to one user or to a user group.
  • Transactions history.
  • Withdraw or cancel a withdrawal request.
  • User area features:

  • Buy and sell shares.
  • Trade shares with other users.
  • Set offers for shares sale.
  • Set bids for shares purchase.
  • Transfer funds to other users' accounts inside the system.
  • Exchange e-currencies on the user's account.
  • Easy registration with user address fields if require.
  • Buy shares from an account funds.
  • Account data change possibility.
  • Automatic withdrawal, if Administrator allows.
  • Detailed Deposit, Withdrawal and Earning Statistics.
  • Possibility to cancel withdrawal request.
  • Contact form - send request to Administrator.
  • Referral links section.
  • Referral statistics section.
  • and more
  • Automatic withdrawal:

  • Administrator specifies the amount range ($0.01 - $100 for example). Script will process the user's withdrawal requests for amount within this range automatically.
  • Administrator specifies max automatic withdrawal amount within 24 hours time. For $150 example, script will save the withdrawal requests (but will not process) if the sum of withdrawal for user is more than that value ($150).
  • Requirements:

  • Any platform.
  • PHP 7 + ionCube Loader.
  • PHP cURL module.
  • MySQL database 5.1+.
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