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HYIP Manager : update
New update available.
1. pexpay SCI added
2. exchange section can be disabled/enabled in admin area
3. security function - check tmpl files if changed
4. Fixed calculator for specific plans settings
5. okpay SCI added
6. updated API and SCI for egopay changes

Also developed version for php5.3/5.4, this version require ioncube loader on server installed. We'll highly recommend to update your php to 5.3 or 5.4 and use ioncube version of script.
We'll support php5.2 version several monthes, but later we'll support version for php5.3/5.4 only

How to update:
1. download script archive, unpack on your local computer.
2. upload to your website (use binary mode):
- inc folder
- admin.php, index.php, *_processing.php files
3. That's all.

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